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Modified Addictions Houston chapter is now official. Open enrollment here.

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We have been approved by the father chapter, and are now official. We will be taking requests for members in this thread. If you are interested in becoming a member of MA Houston, please reply with real name, mods, and pic(s) of your vehicle. Also please pick which option you would like to use when joining.

Please read over the rules, and guidelines we have set up for the chapter, and make sure you agree to these rules before signing up. If you have any questions, please PM me, or Kewlkarim, or email the chapter.

We will not start taking dues until may 1st. That will be our first official month.

This thread will be updated as we acquire an email, paypal, and other chapter resources.

Chapter email address is [email protected] This is also the Paypal account email.

Please do not start sending dues in until may 1st. Also Karim will be handling all logo orders, he will get with you guys on how to get that done shortly.

If you have Facebook you can check us out here as well.!/pages/Modified-Addictions-Houston-TX/125970584145606

Here is just a sample of color options for the logo. 2 color combo will be $20 and 3 color combo will be $30

Chapter Rules:

We are looking for dedication and loyalty.

1.) All modified Nissan trucks are welcome. This includes: Titans, Armadas, Frontiers, Xterras, and Pathfinders. Must have at least 1 exterior mod... wheels/tires, lift, HID lights, paint, bumper, etc... Must have at least 3 complete or planned mods… This is a modified truck club, you can’t have just one mod and be done.

2.) Required Meetings:
We plan to hold MA member meets every 4 months. This means 1 spring meet, 1 fall meet, and 1 Christmas meet. You should plan to attend 2 of the 3 required meetings to stay in the chapter... There may be other meets in between these dates as we go forward, but these will not be required.

3.) $10 Monthly membership fee.
- The membership fee is due the 1st of the month and no later than the 20th.
* $5 of the fee will go towards a monthly member raffle held on the 26th. (Note that a member/recruit cannot win more than 2 raffles in a row). On the months with a meet, the raffle will be held at the meet. In the future we may choose to do door prizes or multiple raffles per month. We will adjust raffle prize amount as we grow.
* $5 of the fee will go towards food/beverages for required chapter meetings. This will also go towards chapter expenses: 1) Club fliers for recruiting. 2) Renting locations for meetings if needed 3) Other club expenses to operate efficiently.
- If you are late paying your dues. First time will be a warning; second time will result in 2 month probation.
- If you do not pay your dues. First time will be 2 month probation; second time will result in termination.
- Any member requesting to rejoin MA will have to go before the chapter and be voted on.

4.) Probation period.
- In order to be considered for membership status, new recruits have 2 options.
1. 2 months probation and the chapter purchase the new members logo after probation period.
2. New member purchases logo, and no probation period.
- A recruit must also attend the next required meeting. If they are unable to attend the required meeting then they must contact the Chapter President and let them know their intentions of joining the chapter.
- Any member on probation will not be able to enter the monthly raffle during their Probation Period *This is a form of incentive to want to become a member. It also helps protect the chapter and full members from recruits that win their first raffle then decide to leave*

5.) Meets
- The spring and fall meets will be catered meets at a pre determined location.
-The Christmas meet will be to purchase presents for the toy run.
Since we are a nonprofit club, all remaining funds at the end of the year, combined with any donations anyone wants to make, will be used to purchase presents that will be delivered to the charity of the clubs choice. In order to help fund this, there will be no raffle in December, and the Christmas meet will not have any extras funded by MA. We will meet at a store of our choosing, and purchase toys/items for the charity. Then deliver these en mass to the charity.
- Members are encouraged to offer other meet ideas. Examples include parades, car washes, beach cruses, etc. These will not be required, but will be encouraged.

6.) Members
- You are a direct representation of Modified Addictions and our Houston chapter. You are expected to respect the public and the authorities. Any legal issues while wearing the MA logo will go before the Chapter President and your membership could be terminated. It is a privilege to be part of our chapter so respect it.
- You are required to pay the $10 monthly membership fee and attend required meetings to keep our chapter strong.
- If you miss 2 consecutive months of membership fees or you miss 2 consecutive required meetings then you will be asked to leave the chapter and return your MA Decal.
- You are encouraged to help a fellow member if at all possible.

7.) Decals
- Decals may only be worn by full members of the chapter.
- Once you have reached membership status you may then order your decal.
- Ordering the decal will go through the Chapter President and on to the SoCal Chapter for processing.
- If you leave the chapter or are asked to leave then you need to return your decal to the Chapter. If you refuse, the decal will be removed for you. Again, we are looking for dedication and loyalty because we don't want random half asses running around with MA logos.

**** Rules are subject to change as needed.****


1: Beason (Blake)
2: Kewlkarim (Karim)
3: Biffle320 (Reid)
4: sitting_on_4s (Warren)
5: thatboijdub (Jeremy)
6: Titan06Race (Shelby)
7: scrubbyoy (Jason)
8: htxtruck (Scott)
9:R.A.D (Rick)
10: RCHGVR (Richard)
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Woooo, Right here!!! Pick me!!! haa Anyways.... Names Reid, spoke to Karim on the phone yesterday, Pumped to join!!! Attached just a cpl pics. All my mods are listen in my sig. Going to start working on an RBP lookalike grill tomorrow ;]


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woohoo finally sign me up i want to be part of the team. coach put me in im ready. the names Warren i got an 07 titan se got 24" rim for outside mod k & n filter, 2°timing thank you Blake, near future tailgate mod, halo headlamp, and trunk bed lamps, but more to come.

will add pic later comp is down

my truck is known as BB Black Beauty

she struck a pose there

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I'm in my name is Jeremy, my mods are in my sig and I'm going to buy my logo, you know black people hate being on probation lol.

White Titan Aka Big Nasty :D
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wow you guys are quick.
like Blake said, if you guys got any questions/comments/issues, feel free to call/text/pm/email.
Warren and Reid, you guys forgot to add which option you're going for.
2 month probation or buying the logo right out.
if we order more than one decal, we would save on shipping. so a slight price drop.
karim I was trying to figure out the price of the new one your getting cause that the set up I want but, ill buy mines too
Sign me up! My name is Shelby, I am a guy just named funny. My mods are listed in my signature, I have pics posted but, I just got my eyelids painted to match along with the fog lights painted yellow. I will soon be getting a new grille and more performance mods soon. I will take a red and flat black combo, no probation for me. I have more pictures in my album if you want to take a look. :teethmast


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Karim, i'm thinkin Shelby and I will probably get the same logo. If you have a chance later shoot him a picture of the one you showed me last night.... Oh, happen to talk to your friend that does Fab?
I won't be home till late tonight.
But I'll talk to the fab guy tonight when I go to bakes.
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i'm thinkin Houston will be one of MA's bigger/biggest chapter.
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That's how we roll bro.
Go big, or go home. Plus everything is bigger in texas.
With the exception of your truck.
Name is Scott and I have an addiction. Mods are in my sig and they are current. I would like to buy my logo but not sure on the colors just yet. Wanted to see how karim's new 3 color one looked before I made my decision.
3 color is the way to go. i actually have 4 lol. but the more color you go the more sik it looks.
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Ok Blake, you twisted my arm! Count me in,old man and all I have all the mods in my sig as for current maybe not but I know I meet the criteria.......LOL. Im gonna be a loner and go for probation period and test my patients. For those that dont know me my name is Jason and I have a 2006 CC.
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Jason since your going on probation, I chose me to be your probation officer :rofl: that will include regular check ups every couple of weeks, so keep it clean :teethmast
Jason since your going on probation, I chose me to be your probation officer :rofl: that will include regular check ups every couple of weeks, so keep it clean :teethmast
LOL, Man you better cut me a break this weekend cause I may not make the cut if not!
LOL Alright I can do that for one day, because I will be right there doing the same
lol alright i can do that for one day, because i will be right there doing the same
sounds like a deal!!!!
welcome to the club guys.
Scott, Blake and I were talking about you today. saying we haven't heard from you since you were one of the 2 that said yes at the meet.
Jason, i knew you would go for it :)
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