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Modified Addictions IN,KY,OH,TN,IL

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Got a Chapter started here in S. Indiana. If you don't mind traveling to Louisville KY area, this is the chapter for you. I'm Neil aka Lifted4fun president of this chapter. I urge you to contact me here on TT or at
[email protected]
This can be a great chapter but I need you to want to ROLL MA!
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I'd like to see a minimum of two meets a year. Depends on membership and funds. Here's some rules I'd like to set up for our chapter.

1.Open to Titans,Frontiers, Xterra and Armada. Must have one exterior modification for membership.
2. Membership dues are $10 month. $5 will go into Chapters general fund and $5 will be used for monthly giveaway.This will consist of a prize or cash giveaway. Members name will be drawn randomly by my daughter. I can video if you feel it is needed. All members are eligible each month for drawing past probation period.
3. Membership dues are due by 5th of month. Ten days late $5 late fee. Thirty days late, membership termination. One month notice needed for cancellation of membership. Membership paid one month in advance. Payment good from 5th of month till following 5th of month.
4. Members are considered new recruits for a two month period. You are not eligible for any prize or giveaway. This includes myself! First prize drawing will be on 15th of month and each following 15th of each month. First giveaway should be nice prize.
5. Modified Addictions decal in your choice of colors will be purchased through chapter president for your vehicle. It must be posted somewhere on vehicle. It remains property of the chapter and must be removed should you decide to quit membership or membership terminated.
6. Should this chapter decide to shutdown, funds will be divided equally between active members.

I think these are some good rules to start with for now.This Chapter does not go ACTIVE till Eddie or 619TiTN give the blessing. Please feel free to contact me with other suggestions.
I've got a few that are interested but not committed. Once we get five members we will decide on positions and a final draft for rules and regs. We can't go active till this happens.
I'll list those that verify they are committed with a star by their name.
Thanks guys and gals and let's make this chapter the best it can be.
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1. Lifted4fun Pres (Neil)*
2. Ibchris *
3. Cdcrowell*
Where in S.Indiana are you?
Charlestown, IN
Are you from Indiana? If so think about Rollin with MA.

Modified Addictions President Indiana Chapter
Rollin MA!!!
Keep your chapter LOCAL--you have to realize you have to have meets which members have to attend. If you spread out into five states, everyone is gonna be doing some traveling. No one wants to pay dues for a meet that cannot attend.
I was just thinking if someone didn't mind a couple hour drive it might be worth it for them. I'll close down the Chapter radius.

Modified Addictions President Indiana Chapter
Rollin MA!!!
Bump for Modified Addictions Indiana /Kentucky

Modified Addictions President Indiana Chapter
Rollin MA!!!
Come on IN/KY Titan owners step up.

Modified Addictions IN/KY Chapter President
Rollin MA!!!
IN/KY up to three members. Come on guys and gals join up.
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