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Modified Addictions IN,KY,OH,TN,IL

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Got a Chapter started here in S. Indiana. If you don't mind traveling to Louisville KY area, this is the chapter for you. I'm Neil aka Lifted4fun president of this chapter. I urge you to contact me here on TT or at
[email protected]
This can be a great chapter but I need you to want to ROLL MA!
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Keep your chapter LOCAL--you have to realize you have to have meets which members have to attend. If you spread out into five states, everyone is gonna be doing some traveling. No one wants to pay dues for a meet that cannot attend.
I was just thinking if someone didn't mind a couple hour drive it might be worth it for them. I'll close down the Chapter radius.

Modified Addictions President Indiana Chapter
Rollin MA!!!
no worries bud. Just thinkin logistically...making sure everyone can actively participate in meets.

Check this out to help you along the way.

let me know if you need a rules and regs ca copy.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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