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Mood light from Armaden...

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so jay sent me out 2 mood lights... but they are just the bulbs without the base... i removed my overhead consule... got to the mood light (which doesnt work)... took out the bulb that was in there stuck in the new led but still no light... im not sure if im doin something wrong... where does this things get power from? there isnt any cable coming or going from it... its jus the little blue base...

i mentioned it to jay and he said to turn it around to change the polarity... and i will when i get a chance to remove the console again... but im still unsure where this thing gets power from... am i missing something?

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it works like a christmas light. you ahve to fold the wire ends of the light down and around the grooves in the base. the socket where it connects to has two copper areas. these are the contact points. when you put it in and turn it to lock it down, the wire you bent touches the copper spots on the socket and it has power. and yes he is right, LED's are one direction only so if it doesnt work spin it around 180deg.

see wire here.

see copper contact area here.

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