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More Lift What Can I Do?

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hey Any One That Can Give Suggestions!!! I Already Have A 6" Fabtech Lift I Want 2.5-3" More What Can I Do????? Bigger Blocks What For The Front????
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im pretty sure greg has some sort of set up with coilovers and an UCA..
look on this ^^
its all about u fool haha
Here's a pic of a truck I recently built that started with a FT lift.


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Hey Greg, you need to just start an " ask Greg" thread on here!
PrerunnerGreg said:
Here's a pic of a truck I recently built that started with a FT lift.
Cool alright I have the 6" fabtech. What is it that you have on that truck the lift looks high. But I see the small tires..
I have the 6" w/35" Mickey T's on 20" moto-metals
i second the ask greg!!
90% of my questions are for him anyways lol
the other 10% go to tech 12 and p-dizzle

u 3 are the sh!t aroung here haha
when i was getting more lift for my cst 8", greg said the tallest spindles are the fabtech ones. i believe if you add upper control arms and adjustable coilovers in front, you can dial in more lift. might i go so far as to say something like the 3" body lift?? as for the rear, the deaver 2.5" lift springs along with the appropriate block to get it level/raked/prerunner. might be easier to call greg if you need answers fast! you can get pricing and a lighter wallet at the same time. :teethmast
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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