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More seat cover questions

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Hello all.....
I am new to the Titan forums and new to my Titan as well.... Loving it so far.. My previous truck was an 05 f-150, and I had CoverKing Neoprene seatcovers on it and they performed very well in that application. My Titan has captains chairs and I am wondering if anyone has used this brand of cover with this type of seat? I am willing to spend the money for good covers but I haven't seen anything on here yet about how any of the brands mentioned in previous posts worked on captains chairs.... Thank you all in advance, your advice is greatly appreciated!
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I've used Wet Okoele before and I know they make a custom cover for the Titan seats
I just ordered a set from They seem nice from the swatches they sent me. I also got swatches from Wet O as well but gt has a wider selection and better prices. I'll post when I get them. Good luck!
are 2008 seats the same seat cover pattern as other years? i want to order leather seats from katzkin or leatherxxx... soon. but no 2008 listings.
Wet Oakly is probably #1 for covers, Costco has Cover Kings, not quite a custom but more reasonable prices. I'm considering getting the Wet Oakly for my rear too I really like my fronts.
I just bought (yesterday) a pair of Mossy Oak brand seat covers that were on sale through O'Reiley Auto Parts that fit captains chairs with built in arm rests. Have not had a chance to put them on the truck but plan to this weekend. They were $24 each, but the manufacturer is supposedly offering a $5 rebate on each cover. I don't know if I will ever actually get that. The $5 may be in "mossy oak" bucks or something stupid like that.

Here is a link:;jsessionid=B3DE4CADA8EC691F7FE15048F79BAC3E.ew3svr
Forget the Mossy Oak seat covers I mentioned above. They don't fit. Apparently "captains chairs" and "hi-back bucket seats" aren't the same thing.
I have an 06 Titan and I got Katzkin Leather Interior done at Pro-Motion Tuning here in town. I got the full OEM match Interior for around $575 or so.. Install was only $400. I had a great experience with them... I will call them on my lunch break and see if they have patterns for the 08. To the best of the info I have seen, the interior is the same on the 06 thru 08... check out their website at I checked and they dont have the Nissans online yet but you can use their seat creator to get an idea what your seat will look like or give them a call. When they did mine I dealt with a guy named James. They were referred to me by my local dealer of all people!
Yea let me get some new ones... Its been awhile since I took them..
I cant post a link yet since I am still a new member but you all can check out the website for ProMotion and it will help you on all the interiors... I just checked and they list kits for the 2004, 2005, and then they say 2006-2008 is the same...
Hey guys...

I am on the Pro-Motion Tuning's newsletter email list and they have a coupon code listed in the newsletter for 10% off any Katzkin leather kit until Oct 10th. The code they sent me is KATZKIN if anyone else wants to use it, feel free. Just helping out again!
they have some on this site too, yournissanparts dot com, those will fit 2004 - 07 models. I think the price is good. when I get enough money I will buy them from my 06 CC. sorry still can't post URL's yet :flamed:
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