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MORE shock strut and tie rod replacement questions

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Hey everyone, I've been reading (about 20 pages so far) on the 5100 install thread. I can't read anymore, confusing myself.. haha and I haven't exactly found my exact answers so I'm going to make a new thread.

2006 LE with off road package 136,000 miles

I want to replace my stockers due to the high mileage and also purchasing a travel trailer soon. Also, last inspection, I needed new tie rod ends... I'm due for inspection next month and still have not replaced them. Not really looking for a lift, leveling out would be great, as long as I don't have to buy new UCA's (I THINK from what I read, I won't need them on the middle setting with the off road package)

I would like to replace:

1. Tie rod ends -- Are these amazon ones ok or should I be looking elsewhere:

2. Springs. I'm assuming mine are shot. Do you replace with the MOOG 81194 or do i have to have the 08+?? Or do I need different springs with off rd pkg?

3. The OEM black bushings. where do you get new ones? Any other 'new' pieces I should be concerned with ordering?

4. I was planning on getting the kit from PRG. PRG Products however, I could save a ton of headache and go with PRG Products

That would allow me to skip #2 and #3. Buuut then I need to find out where to get just the rear shocks... Thoughts on this?

Do I need re-alignment after replacing tie rod ends?

Do I need re-alignment after replacing shocks/struts? (I was thinking maybe doing the tie rod ends right away and replace shocks later... but If I have to have an alignment done after each installation, then I need to purchase and install everything now)

Thanks in advance!!!
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Replace the tie rod ends and get it aligned, do the shocks at the same time, you have it mostly apart already anyway, think economy of scale.

I got my springs from MOOG because mine were cracked after 12 years. You'll need to order the kit from nissan if your want new boots and rubbers. You may need them. There is also a bushing and rubber on top that may be worn.

Try OWP for your parts needs, he usually beats or matches prices. Bilstein 5100 Series Shocks & Struts 4WD Complete Set | Open Wide Performance
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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