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MORE shock strut and tie rod replacement questions

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Hey everyone, I've been reading (about 20 pages so far) on the 5100 install thread. I can't read anymore, confusing myself.. haha and I haven't exactly found my exact answers so I'm going to make a new thread.

2006 LE with off road package 136,000 miles

I want to replace my stockers due to the high mileage and also purchasing a travel trailer soon. Also, last inspection, I needed new tie rod ends... I'm due for inspection next month and still have not replaced them. Not really looking for a lift, leveling out would be great, as long as I don't have to buy new UCA's (I THINK from what I read, I won't need them on the middle setting with the off road package)

I would like to replace:

1. Tie rod ends -- Are these amazon ones ok or should I be looking elsewhere:

2. Springs. I'm assuming mine are shot. Do you replace with the MOOG 81194 or do i have to have the 08+?? Or do I need different springs with off rd pkg?

3. The OEM black bushings. where do you get new ones? Any other 'new' pieces I should be concerned with ordering?

4. I was planning on getting the kit from PRG. PRG Products however, I could save a ton of headache and go with PRG Products

That would allow me to skip #2 and #3. Buuut then I need to find out where to get just the rear shocks... Thoughts on this?

Do I need re-alignment after replacing tie rod ends?

Do I need re-alignment after replacing shocks/struts? (I was thinking maybe doing the tie rod ends right away and replace shocks later... but If I have to have an alignment done after each installation, then I need to purchase and install everything now)

Thanks in advance!!!
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pre assembled assemblies (lol) are great. it'll take ya 30 min to swap them out. assuming nothing is rusted in place. PRG>OWP ;)
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