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more wheel choices with 6in lift confirmed!

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well every time i get a truck i lift it and i research and find what i think is the best looking wheels for the truck. the problem is that the procomp lift says 5in. max backspace and barely any wheel are 5 inch backspaced. so i ordered some 6 inch even though procomp them selves said it would not work. and guess what it worked and has plenty of room with a 20x9 wheel. i actually think you can go up to 6.25 backspace and i think thats like 26mm but don't qoute me on it. i'm going to update my sig and post pictures tomarrow night. i'm happy with the truck and lift but thought everyone could use this info as i was going crazy thinking i had to stick with the few rims out there in a 20 that has 5 inch back space.