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Morimoto 2stroke Led. review

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just thought I would put up a quick review of these. As I see a lot of members looking for halogen alternatives and see threads on various Led bulbs. they are available in varying sizes. I opted to use them for my high beam (9005). they even have a d2s size for projectors that the reviews state they are brighter than HID. anyways as drl these are brighter than stock halogens on half power.. as high beams mixed with my mini h1 7.0s basically will sear your retinas haha. really impressed and the colour of them is very white. no blue tint to it. the bulb and housing/ mini ballast for them are all very high quality look and feel. also come with a housing if you wish to protect them more. also you get a real warranty from a company that stands behind their products. a little bit pricy for some but the quality over others I have seen is worth the price imo

will post up some pics tonight

Low power DRL

high beam

low power DRL
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pics added above ^
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I have LEDs in my high beams too with my H1 HID projectors, not sure If I can tell which light comes from the LED and which comes from the HID, they are both the same color, was thinking of upgrading to the Morimotos (My HID's are Morimoto's), but not sure if the added cost is worth switching
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i also have projectors that run high beam aswell with these. (mini h1 7.0) they are also the same colour so it is hard to tell at times. I can post up so pics with my lows/highs on and a high beam with the projector covered to get a better idea of the actual light output from them on full power. I can tell a bit when running them on highs as they are more true white than my 5500k morimoto h1 bulbs. hard to see the true width etc though. hopefully I can mask off the projector and keep most of its light in just to see close to what it actually can put out
Quick update I bought the morimoto capacitor thing they said should be used for sets that have drl. Basically it smooth the power out and they don't act as drl now and only high beam. And they are almost twice as bright now. I assume for US titans won't need the capacitor link cause of no drl.
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