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Morimoto Led housing review.

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Installed these the other day. They throw light pretty far and have a cut off shield just like a projector does. They do not throw light all over the place. The housings themselves are very good quality. The light output is very good as well. And they match the led projectors light output from our gen 2 titans 100%. Highly recommended these if you have $200 to spend.

one picture has headlights w/ fogs on, one has just headlights on for comparison.
and as you can see in the first pic the cutoff is very sharp and very bright output, also out to the sides of the vehicle which is nice.
Also like to add that the led projectors on the gen 2 Titans are very good for stock. i had mini h1 7.0s with 5500k bulbs on my old Titan while these are not that bright, buy they are impressive.


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got some good use of these last night on my way home from work, thick fog. actually cut threw it pretty well. compared to stock fogs that more or less make it worse.
Followed this review over from the other fog-light thread. Can you post a link here to what you purchased? Also, was the difficultly level of the install itself?


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