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Most aggressive wheels on a 2in level...

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I'm fairly new to the Titan community (again) and looking for some pictures and advice on the most aggressive set up I can get with just a 2in level kit.

I had a 2010 Titan a while ago, sold it for an M3 and I'm lucky enough to still have the M3 and just bought another 2006 Titan for a daily. Loved the 2010 so much when I had it, I knew I would love to have another one. Never really modded a truck, I've always been a sports car guy, so I'm kind of a new when it comes to truck mods.

I bought the Rough Country 2in level kit to get that front rake gone and thinking about some headers (been reading on cracked exhaust manifolds). In the mean time, I'm probably going to want some beefy wheels because I can't leave things stock, so I'm wanting to get some pics of aggressive 2in level Titans.

Thanks in advance!
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