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Howdy folks!

I have an interesting little dilemma, here. I built a roof rack for my CC last summer, and have 4 KC Daylighters mounted to it. Now, I am regretting that decision, since the rack and lights are SO heavy, that I can't really store anything up there. It rattles and creeks so much when I go off road, that I am afraid it will tear the tracks right out of the roof, and that is definitely something I want to avoid! (I will attach a picture to this post).

So, I have been searching around, and I think I have a solution: I am getting an ARB bumper (ordered it in late January, should be here any day), so I think I will mount 2 of the lights to the tabs on that, then mount the other 2 to my mirrors (I have the big-tow mirrors). Haha, I got that idea from the jeepers I see on the trails! Now, my question is, do you think the mirrors can handle the weight of the lights (they're around 6-8 lbs apiece, that's the one drawback to these lights, they're VERY heavy!). I know there are also two tabs on top of the top bar on these ARBs, but I have never really liked the look of the KCs sticking out the top like that, makes the truck look buck-toothed, in my opinion!

Then, I'm going to mount my roof-basket on my hard-bed cover, for better access and utility. Tell me what you think!



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