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Moutain Roads

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I am in So. Ca and want to drive to Big Bear. I have a 08 CC. How does it handle the winding roads? I have the stock 20" tires. :rolleyes:
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I love to drive that mountain in my 06, most of the time i force people to pull over, the titan handles extreamly well on that road, during the warmer tempatures i drive 55-60 up the 330. but just watch out for ice in some of the real steep turns especially around the dam.
I work at snow summit on the weekends, be extra carful driving on the weekends, lots of Hwy Patrol, they love to look for me in the summer
Exactly what do you mean you force people to pull over?
well if there going to slow, and they won't pull into the turn out I honk right before any of the turn out, but i have only had to due that 2 times, once in my titan (a really old van with like 8 people in it doing about 20) and once in my old car (Over heating). most of the time they move right over when you close enough.
I fling mine up and down highway 38 all the time.
Love the 5speed box and the click shifter on the column.
I LIVE on the side of a mountain and this is the best-handling pickup you can buy! I tried out the others, and they are pitiful slugs on our old country roads compared to this truck. Ford drivers can't seem to keep their trucks on their side of the road, man. You have a great truck, let it loose on paved highway and it would be a blast!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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