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mp3 and rockford display

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Just a quick question,
I was wondering if the rockford system will display what song title is playing on a Mp3 player, (if it was plugged in to the Aux jack) like you can for Cd's?????? thanks!!!! :smoke: :cheers:
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MuskyHunter said:
I've been using Nero 7 for burning as well as Exact Audio Copy. The file info is pulled down from the internet database just fine, but once burned onto disc the song info is not carried over. Are you manually entering this information and where?
Are you creating an audio CD by converting MP3s or are you creating an MP3 CD that contains actual .mp3 files? An audio CD won't have any audio tags unless the software and head unit support CD-Text.

Copying MP3s directly to a CD and playing them in an MP3-capable head unit will display the ID3 tag data on the display.

I suspect you're creating an audio CD and not an MP3 CD.
MuskyHunter said:
I first rip all my songs to mp3. Then when later inspired, I burn a compilation onto disc. I create a datadisc , which might be the problem. If I remember it right, if I burned the compilation as an audio disc, I couldn't add as many files as with a data disc. I'll have to try burning it as an audio disc again to see if this is the case.

So, if I understand you, burning as an audio disc and not a data disc will put in the song tags?
Nope, other way around. A data disk with MP3 files is the way to go, if the head unit isn't displaying the song title then you may want to try cycling through the display modes as it may be set to show track/song number. The manual should cover the different display modes, my '05 doesn't play MP3s but does support CD-Text and that should work the same way. I just don't recall which button cycles through the modes.

You also may want to verify the tags are in the MP3s after they're burned by playing a song or two from the CD on your PC.

Hope this helps!
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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