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mp3 files

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Does anyone know if the audio systems offered on the Titan will play mp3 files?
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Doghouse said:
Natively none of the Nissan vehicles play mp3 files in the cd player/changer. The RF package comes with an aux input which can be used with the output from any mp3 player, laptop, or other audio output device. including cell phones if they have a speaker out different from the mike input.
Dissapointed to hear that the Titan CD player / Changer does not support Mp3's. Those of us that listen to books on tapes (cds) like the Mp3 feature because you can put 6 or 7 cds on one Mp3. This keeps you from having to switch out cds all the time. I bought a Mp3 compatible cd player for my wife's Mitsu and it cost only about $30.00 more than the model that didn't.
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