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MPG with 35" tire + 6" lift?

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Hello all,

ProComp's 6" lift w/ 35's looks sexy as all hell & is the route I've decided on (unless the power/MPG loss is abysmal). Will somebody with this setup please reply back with their MPG loss over stock? Please specify stock/BT/Off-road gearing.

Thanks a lot! :)
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6" PC Stage one, 35" Tires, Non-OR, Non-BT CC, All windows down, 80MPH+/- on PA turnpike with 2* Timing advance yielded 15 MPG for me. Prior to the 2* advance under same conditions, 16.5 MPG.

That includes my correction factor of 1.1 on the odometer, meaning that with the larger tires, I am really travelling 110 miles for every 100 shown on the odometer. Something you definitely have to consider.

Hope this helps. Expect less with BT gearing.

Oh yeah, with stock tires in the winter time, I average 13-14 MPG. Partly due to the winter fuel mix here in PA, but also because this truck doesn't have to work much harder to turn the 35's and your going farter with each revolution of the tire.
That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for the quick & detailed reply.
because I don't drive as fast now, I think I will get better mileage... :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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