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Well they have done it again. Go look at MSN and the topic 10 stylish trucks. Here are the ones they looked at:
Cadillac Escalade EXT
Chevrolet S-10
Dodge Dakota
Ford F-150
Ford Ranger
GMC Sierra 1500
Mazda Truck
Nissan Frontier
Toyota Tacoma

AMAZING they left out the Titan huh and duh. :boxing: Well they did have the Frontier. What a match huh. Very bias article!! Makes you wonder why they are so scared or unwilling to challenge this great truck. It would be in the number 1 spot in my opinion. Deepwater I pick mine up tomorrow. It is on the transport YAHOO!!

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Of course Titan is the most stylish truck on the road, no doubt! I checked out the MSN article and think I see why Titan wasn't on the list...the article was based on the 10 trucks most often researched on MSN during 2003-the Titan awareness didn't get mainstream until very late in the year, while most of those on the list had been out all of 2003, so naturally, they had more research hits than our beloved Titan...anyhow, it was biased reporting, so MSN, take this :futwice: and the little butterfly you fluttered in on, too! :boxing:

And Static101, I'm so proud that your time has FINALLY arrived...WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!! We'll be waiting on a full report on your edition of the most stylish truck ever! :cheers: Blondes do have more fun! :)
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