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Mud Guards from 08 Titan

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Took them off my 08 Titan with less than 100 miles on them, black molded plastic. Will ship make offer. Thanks.
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Are these the ones with or w/o the utility bed? Do they include the mounting hardware. If so, I may be interested.
you might also want to add if you have the fender flares as i think the mud guards for those with them are different too (they go over the flare i think)
Yes, I have fender flares, the mud guards go over part of the flare and part over the paintd body. The only mounting hardware is the three screws per mud guard. I am not sure what the utilty bed means.
Thanks spoonman...forgot about the fender flares. Too bad; my truck doesn't have fender flares, so these won't work.

BTW cpd: when I was referring to the utility bed, I meant to refer to the bed with the side storage compartment on the DS...that also takes a different mud flap.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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