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Muffler/Tailpipe connection rusted out and broke

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So while under my truck changing the oil I happened to notice that my tailpipe and muffler were seperated and the flange (?) on both the pipe and the muffler was completely rusted out. Basically the tailpipe was only attached by the hangar at the rear. The pipe and muffler showed typical rust but were still very solid. The flange and the 2 bolts that held the pieces together were completely rusted. When I touched them they basicalloy just crumbled in my hand. Did I mention that my truck is an '04 and is about 3 1/2 years old! I took it to Monroe muffler and they cut and welded in a short piece of pipe because to do it right they would have to replace the pipe and the muffler, neither of which they had in stock. My question is why Nissan would cheapen the system by using inferior parts to connect the pipes together. The guys at Monroe said that is a normal occurence for vehicles that are maybe 6 or so years old. Not 3 1/2! They siad it's a shame but Nissan is known for taking an otherwise nice vehicle and cheapening it up by cutting corners like this. I'm hoping the rest of the exhaust system lasts until the truck is paid off in about a year and then that will be my excuse to get a performance exhaust! Anybody else out there have this problem? And if not maybe you should take a look.