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Multiple electrical issues

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Hi everyone, I’m new to Titantalk and a first time Titan owner. It’s a great ride with plenty of power. I just got my 2007 king cab SE model 4x4 off road. It has 187k on it and I want to run it to 300k. Here’s a list of issues: when I test drove it the 4x4 worked, now the little light in between the front and rear wheels on the icone is all that lights, the front wheels don’t light up for 4wd hi. 4lo just keeps flashing and never locks. I’ve tried all variations like driving slow or in park or neutral. Also, the back up sensor doesn’t work, horn is intermittent, no cruise control or steering wheel radio controls, and the manual transmission shift option doesn’t work. Do I have some kind of electrical issue where all of these things are connected? Lights on the dash are airbag light and tire pressure light. There are no other lights while driving and they all come on when I first turn the key. I’m ok with fixing some issues 4x4 is most important. Got it for $3,800 and the frame and body are extremely clean which is great for me in upstate NY. Any help with these I really appreciate. Thanks!
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This could also be a problem with one of the wheel speed sensors. I believe that if you get the codes pulled at an auto parts store, it should pinpoint which sensor is the problem. Unfortunately, the entire bearing/hub/sensor has to be replaced. But at that mileage, they may be long overdue for replacement. On my'07, the bearing was on it's way out before I hit 100K miles.

As far as where to source the hub assembly, don't skimp. This is not a simple install and you don't want to do it twice because the aftermarket part you used was bad. Go OEM or get one from an aftermarket manufacturer with a very good reputation like Moog or something like that.
If it's a federal recall it may be possible. There were a few internal "recalls" that have expired for you. The one I'm thinking of is the warranty extension that Nissan did for the exhaust manifolds. If they're bad, don't delay fixing them.
Getting the exhaust manifolds replaced at the dealer is quite expensive. Around $2400. Lookup JBA long tube headers or call the folks at Cajun B-Pipes, they're sponsors here and can sell you everything you need for a lot less.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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