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Multiple part numbers for ordering brake pads??

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I've been looking at picking up some EBC brake pads. I have a 2005 Titan and have already been back in for the brake judder issue. At all the websites there are 2 different part numbers. one for 04-05 and one for 05-07. one states that it is for a 12.6" rotor (i think the 05-07 one). from my understanding they should all be the same, correct? did they change calipers after the brake fix which would cause the 2 different pad sizes? if this is the case then i assume i should order the newer style pad.

anyone else already figure this out?? sorry if this has already been discussed. i did a search but couldn't find anything.

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anybody with the brake fix and new EBC pads??? which ones do i order?
Even though I had the brake fix for the judder, I ordered the "old" style pads when I bought my set. I also replaced the rotors at the same time. I had no issue with the install.
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