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My 05 Titan loses power but only when its hot outside. It drives fine for a while, but then starts losing power. Its starts to sputter. I have to pull over turn it off and sit for a few minutes, it will then start right up and drive fine for a few miles and then starts to sputter and lose power again. I have also noticed that i don't always have to turn it all the way off. If i just let off the gas and coast for a minute or 2, i can then begin to accelerate again. But eventually it will start to sputter again and acts like its running out of gas. I have taken it to multiple places (including the dealer). I was told to replace the CATS. I replaced both and it still does it. It runs just fine in the winter months, but as soon as it starts warming up outside it starts doing it again. I read there was a recall on the IDPM/ECM Relay back in 2010. Could a bad IDPM cause this? Was going to replace the fuel pump next until i found that recall.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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