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My 2 problems with my newly purchased CPO 2012 Titan

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I just bought a 2012 Titan 2WD Crew Cab w/53000 original miles. All factory, no mods. I love the truck, but there are 2 problems that I need to address quickly.

One is a soft "knock/clunk" that only happens once at take-off from a still position (red light, stop sign, etc) It doesn't occur when you slow down and accelerate again. Only when you're at a complete stop and accelerate. The "Fixed Operations Director" told me it was moreless a design flaw that a little grease would alleviate from time to time. He went through a complete/thorough explanation on what it was, why it was, and assured me I didn't need to worry about the knock. He then gave me hs phone number if I needed to ask him any questions later.

The second issue is a vibration/humming feel under my feet when you reach about 60 mph. It stops after you pass that mark and doesn't occur before OR after you've passed that 60 mph window. I didn't notice this when I purchased the truck because there was a lot of construction going on when I was doing the test drive and was unable to feel much of anything at the time. I have a warranty, so I'm not too worried about it. Just want to get it taken care of.

I just want to get these issues addressed. I plan to drive my Titan all over the country for work and I don't want to end up on the road at some mechanic shop because my truck broke down on me.

Any advice/solutions would be appreciated.
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tranny mount could be broken. is it worse when you accelerate hard? do you feel it in the floorboard?
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