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My 3 Week Old 05 Titan Got Rear Ended Last Night

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I got rear ended at a stop light last night, a jeep hit a sonata at about 30mph then pushed them into me. I need a new bumper/exhaust, good times...this **** keeps coming. Good thing is nobody got hurt

Question -

1 - I have dual exhaust and HATE it, I have a stupid loud 2001 cobra and if I want to hear the exhaust driving down the road I can drive that. I want my truck to be quiet driving down the road. When I say quiet I don't want to have a drone in my truck at highway speeds, which I have now with the current setup.

Do you have any suggestions? Just go back to stock? I've never had stock, it had duals when I bought it.
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Go with a Volant exhaust. It is a little bit louder than stock, but still sounds good.
I went with a custom fabbed single 3" with a Supertrapp muffler and no resonators. I can make it as quiet as stock if I want or an open exhaust. The adjustability is great. Muffler was $200 and the install (including 2.5" primary tubes, 3" collector and all 3" piping with installation ran me another $200. Here's my thread if you're curious:
Gibson swept side catback. No drone, barely louder than stock at idle, nice rumble cruising down the road.
Cheers, Lee S.
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