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Could someone tell me who is the owner of the black Titan on my avatar ?
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Nah, I saved the picture on my PC the same day I went to get my Titan, basically i want to know the size of the rim 20"? or 22"? also the side step type I really like the way this truck looks I found the rims name (Akuza blade) looked for it like crazy 'til I found it like you said it looks very clean that guy has some good taste. i just do not remember if i saw it on this club Is going to be hard to find
Looks like 22's to me. Check out the Westin Oval tubes, maybe those are what they have.
I DID MAN !! I m happy now, I drinked some beers,, mess with the buttons then bum!! there it was "new thread" it took me 2 months (Maybe I need to drink some more !!! lol thx dude!
I was trying to help you answer your question, but everytime I see P Titan's avatar, all coherant thoughts seem to evaporate:)
No, no luck so far am a keep trying though
If you could post a larger version of the pic, I'm sure we could find out quickly. It is obviously a Titan Meet, with many board members represented in that pic.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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