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My baby's stuck in drive. Please help.

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I got to work this week and in regular fashion, went to put my '04 Titan into park. The shift bar went up to "park", but, when I took my foot off the gas the truck continued to roll forward. I looked down at the dash and noticed it still read the transmission was in drive. I tried to shift out of drive a few more times and realized obviously something was wrong. I got the truck towed back to my house. Now I really just want it fixed. Any help, ideas or info would be greatly appreciated. Much thanks.
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floor or colum shift? sounds like a linkage came lose
Column Shift. Any details on the linkage coming loose? Thanks a lot for responding.
you just have to start tracing. i would check the trans first since it should be easier to see. it may help to have a friend move the shifter while your down there.

My truck did this a while back. I jacked the rear tires off the ground and spun them a few times and jiggled the ignition/steering wheel and it finally went into park. I'm not sure exactly what made it come out of drive but maybe give those two things a shot.
Hey Brotha You Mentioned A While Ago About Jiggn the tires into place. my Titan is stuck in drive and won’t string back to park. You think I did the same thing you did, it’ll work?
only way to find out is to give it a shot, @KoDOTiTANO
yeah I got the mechanic coming out right now brotha thanks. 🤙🏼
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