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My dad bought a 07 titan king cab yesterday

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I was researching new trucks for him and had narrowed it down to just 3 trucks. He's been driving a 96 dodge dakota for the last 10 years and at 160k it was getting long in the tooth. He was looking at new dakota's, tacoma's and frontiers and had briefly looked at the titan. The new tundra is too pricey plus being in the first model year it has too many undiscovered issues and we don't want to be the guinea pigs for them. With that said I was leaning towards the titan and that says a lot since I drive a tundra dc. I helped my mom by showing her what each truck offered, current incentives and dealer inventories. She was also leaning towards the titan so we put together a package for my dad to look at. Well yesterday's newspaper ads made it real easy when the local deal advertised a 07 king cab for 18k. I showed it to him and out the door we went. Just so happened that they only had 1 left and it was exactly what he was looking for. I still had to go back and forth with them a bit and in the end he drove it home. I've lurked in here before as I seriously considered a titan when I bought my tundra. If the toyota dealer hadn't been able to get to where I wanted them to be I'd be driving one now. I figured that I'd stop in and share with you guys.
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Cool. What trim did he get? I'm guessing a 2X4 XE?
He got the xe 4x2 with the tow package, limited slip, spray in bed liner, rear slider, 6 disk stereo etc which stickered at just over 26k. He's already started ordering accessories for it and yesterday I helped him install nasta ss nerf bars. He's got a fold a cover g4 elite folding tonneau coming in plus lund bug shield and inchannel vent visors and bully led hitch step. He's like a kid with this thing and I'm happy for him.
Congrats for dad,now help getting him on our board.Welcome to both of you!
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