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Not sure if this is the best place for this thread but the mods can move it if its better suited elsewhere.

My 05 E-locker rear end blew recently. I wanted to change from E-locker to Trutrac but was worried as there were scattered info on how to address the uneven axle length issue.

I decided to email asking for any help, just a sliver of info to point me in the right direction. Now keep in mind I have not even spoken to them about buying parts, all they know is I'm some guy just wanting free mechanic advice.

What I got was top notch customer service and I WAS NOT EVEN A CUSTOMER! These guys were amazingly helpful, never got an attitude or irritated due to my dumb questions, and were legit helpful.

If you guys need 4x4 parts, check these guys out. Customer service was great, they had the best prices I could find, and shipping was AMAZINGLY fast! They are my go to for 4x4 parts now, not even looking elsewhere.
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