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My first Test Drive

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I finally got a chance to go out and test drive the Titan. When I heard that thing start up, you should have seen the smile on my face. The titan really sounds great. I was so impressed with the power and the handling of the Titan. After driving the Titan I drove across the street to Ford and drove the F-150 again. I was leaning more towards the ford before I drove the Titan but, after driving them back to back I see the ford can't hold up to the Titan in HP or in all the options. There are a few things I wish the Titan had that the Ford has like;

1.) Combination lock on drivers door.
2.) more euro styling in the interior
3.) power split rear window
4.) L.E.D. turn signals in the side mirrors.

I can't think of anything else. I guess I can over look those few things and buy my Titan at the end of the year. All in all WOW! what a great truck.

I also told the dealer about this forum about the Titans and he said he was going to check it out. Maybe he can pass the word about us to help us grow. Keep up the postings...
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My first test drive was on a demo model just before they hit the lots for real. I went out and grabbed a friend who had just driven the Armada and we headed out of Austin along a hilly, twisty road towards Lake Travis. On the way I was able to test out body lean, acceleration, braking, and reserve power at highway speed. The Titan made my Blazer feel like the toy that it is. I just wish I could tow my boat during a test drive. I tell ya, I'd get speeding tickets if I owned one of those trucks. An extended cab Chevy tried to hang with me up a steep hill by the lake, but I was able to accelerate easily to 80 mph. A guy in a brand new Dodge 1500 about locked up his brakes so he could stop next to me at a light and check out the Titan. On the negative side, that exhaust note sure sounds nice, but I don't know about listening to it for an 18 hour trip to Colorado. Also, the demo I was driving already had dashboard and interior rattles and squeeks, and it had very low miles. I hate rattles and squeeks, something about owning a Chevy (which is 98% rattles and squeeks). Finally, the navigation system was cool and all, but what happens when it dies and you have a huge, black screen in the middle of your dash?

I came back to the dealer an hour later just as it was getting dark. The saleman said "Where've you been?" in a slightly strained voice. heh heh... they shouldn't let people test drive alone in a truck like that! As I pulled out of the parking lot in my Chevy Blazer, I thought I had left the parking brake on, but no... it's just that gutless :rolleyes:
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