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My front passenger side door won't unlock. Help?

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Hey everyone, been a whIle since I've been around here. I'm not sure if this is the best place to post my question, I'll repost elsewhere if need be.

Yesterday I was out running errands and my girlfriend climbed into the front seat, door opened just fine. When we got to the grocery store, the door wouldn't open. I hit the unlock button on the drivers door, and the actual lock seemed to try to unlock, but wouldn't get there. The unlock button on passenger side and on my FOB both do the same thing. I can't manually unlock it either. It seems to be catching on something but I can't see anything. Anyone else have/had this problem? Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for your reply! Did yours respond to the unlock button being pressed? Like the switch trying to unlock, but just physically couldn't? I am just under the mindset that there's something physically impeding the locking mechanism from moving enough to actually unlock it.

Sorry if my terminology is wrong, not terribly auto savvy.
Wondering if you found anything out Tristan? Thanks!
Hey, sorry I never replied, I actually haven't been in this site in a few years. My Titan was totaled and I kinda just stopped showing up. Just so happened to get back in another Titan about a week ago and found my way back here. I did get it resolved, but i just had my mechanic replace the actuator. I can't remember what he said about what was wrong with it, just that it wasn't worth fixing, better to just replace it. Did my driver's side too just to be safe. Any luck with yours?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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