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My impressions on the xd

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On my way home, I saw a new xd platinum 2wd at my local dealership.

First off, I had been waiting, like others, for a long time for the new titan. Glad I didn't wait.

All I have to say is I'm very disappointed. The plastic seemed so cheap, seats were tiny, the screen size/ resolution sucked. The screen in the cluster is just like my wifes murano s. I just cant get over how cheap it was. Closing the doors sounded like the doors were going to fall apart. The front suspension looked like it would break if u hit the curb.

My old titan (2005) was bullet proof. Interior was indestructible. Felt more solid. I'm very happy with purchasing my ram 2500. I would do it all over again.

The nicest thing I liked about the xd was the sound of diesel engine. But for $58,000, nissan can suck it easy.
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I totally agree. I was just as the dealership 5 minutes ago and they just unloaded an XD and the sales guys were all checking it out. I sat in it and to be honest I wasn't impressed at all. I was looking for something innovative and different and in reality I like my 05 Titan better.
Tiny seats? Really? You sat in a Chevy or new Ford lately?
No comparison for comfort.
My old pro4x was more comfortable then any of the newer trucks I had sat in.
Don't really like the new XD but the white pro4x is growing on me.
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