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Ok so here it goes. Below will be my feelings and explanations for the following: Salesman and Finance Department, Price vs. others, and Availability of Car/Truck. I bought a 05 Nissan Sentra 1.8S on Saturday April 1.

First of all I have a 04 Titan CC and needed a small car for my wife for travel back and forth to work. Looking for a small car note, dependable car, and maybe a few perks of convience.

Salesman and Finance Department and Customer Service

I heard of new nissans through this Titan Talk forum. I bought my Titan in Beaverton, Oregon and was not happy with the service. I was there over 6 hours the BS filter in my head needed changing. Lets just say that I have heard a bunch of crap from some dealers as some of you have also. This was totally different. I emailed new-nissan through their website and recieved a reply within 24hrs from Chuck Capps. I was given an quote in his email and when I sat down to finance the final price was that exact same number in his quote plus the warranty. I was very comfortable with the price of the car from the start. Chuck wrote up the quote once I arrived and sent it to the finance department. While the paper work was getting setup we took the car out for an in-depth explanation of the features, tour of the facility, and a little small talk with Shane about Titan Talk :cheers: .

In the finance department we meet with Fred Kravich, a former Mariners player. And yes he has cards at his desk if you want an autograph. Fred was nice and patient. He explained all the forms and went very slow to give us time to verify all of the paperwork. Not like some who push you another sheet before you read the title of the one your on. Explained all the warranties in detail and the internet price was given.

One other speical thing that really made it comfortable was the kids play area. Its right beside the regular lounge for adults. They have a kids room with glass huge glass windows, toys for young kids, dvd player with kids movies, and a playstation for the older kids. I'm sure if my 3yr old could type she would put this at the top of the post.

Price vs. others

This was very important to me. First because I was looking for a good deal without having to spend all day/week working the price down. For a Nissan Sentra 1.8S with sunroof and special edition package the quote right below 14,000 after rebate. All the dealers had the same car without sunroof for 15 to 16,000. So pretty much my choices were go to the dealership in Oregon, spend all day working the price down as much as I can, and then try to get a decent deal. Or just go to New-nissan and get the car for 1000 cheaper plus a free sunroof without any hassle. And to me the hassle part is very important. Arrived at 10am and I was driving out at noon.

Availability of Car/Truck

This is easy. Just go to and build the exact vehicle you want. Copy and paste the summary in the email and they will find that truck/car for you and get it moved to them. They have a good inventory on the lot and will work to get you exactly what you want.

All in all the process was excellent. Shane, Chuck, and Fred were all great to work with. The environment was very good and I feel as though I could call all three and have a conversation with them right now and not even talk about the car purchase. They are all easy going and pressure free. It may seem like the perfect experience in buying a car and unreal but to me thats how i felt. I will soon be moving to Arizona but if I ever buy another car/truck I would still put them top on the list.

Any questions please post.
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