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My New Titan.

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Hi everybody, I just bought my Titan a week ago from a Third Party and looks like I am going to keep this truck for a long time. I do have some questions maybe you guys can help me out. Ok. My Titan has an extended warranty transferrable which was one of the reason I bought also. Anyway I call the dealer and they told me I need a letter from the seller (Which by the way she is not answering her phone no more)Isn't the registration under my name and the papers from the bank should be sufficient to transfer the guarrantee under my name. The other question is that the previuos owner always did the maintenance by themselves you guys think I will have a problem with the dealer if something needs to be changed or replace. Well guys I will be here looking and asking questions I have some ideas for the Titan for next year. Like Tire/Hitch. DVD system. Tent accesories.

2006 Titan SE Crew Cab. 43k
Adjustable Pedals
Electric sliding rear Window
Tow Mode ready
I paid $17K


Titan ESSO
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WELCOME..Enjoy the ride...It's hard to get out of the truck once you get in.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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