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My new tonneau installed

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I purchased a tonneau cover and finally installed it. It opens from the front or back. I like it and have not had a problem with water intrusion so far. I got it from my dealer for 650.00. It comes black but can be paonted to match. I like it and it looks like it will stand the test of time. It's lockable and has a optional tailgait lock that I did not install since mine locks. What do you guys think? The company that makes it is called top dawg. It was very easy to install. 2 guys could do it under an hour.:cheers:


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looks good man, do you have to have the utility trac?
Very nice! That looks to be very sturdy. And nice choice of color on your truck:thumbsup:
2titan24 said:
looks good man, do you have to have the utility trac?
Yes I do. The brackets bolt right up in the channel. The whole cover weighs 45 pounds. and can be removed fairly quick. Figured I would be the guinnea pig for it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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