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My night at the track....

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My buddies and I went to the track last night, it was a cool night about 65* out and not much of a breeze.

I figured I would give the Titan a run, why not, it was only 10 bucks for as many runs as I could make. I made 4 runs and found that I was very consistent. I was suprised with my best time, it was faster than I thought.
Best time
r/t - .794 ( I know not the best, but it was only time trials)
60' - 2.214
330 - 6.292
1/8 - 9.737
mph - 70.77
1000 - 12.730
1/4 - 15.251
mph - 89.57

I am not sure, but is this a decent time? I only have a the 2* advance and a K&N drop in, on a 2004 BT OR CC.

Any thoughs on how I can break into the 14's? Not really that important to me, but it would be fun, since my buddies best time in his Altima SE-R was a 14.89, and that was with me driving, he couldnt break 15.... haha bad drivers lol....:clap:
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Where are you located? You need to change the exhaust and add a CAI. Both can be done for under $300.
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