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My power steering high pressure line fix using junkyard parts.

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So since I can remember my high pressure power steering line has been weeping. Well recently its gotten worse and worse to the point where it would leave stains on the ground from leaking so much. It was also starting to get everything else coated in ATF! So finally I said enough was enough and wanted to replace it... but found out they were about $120-140 depending on where you buy..

So I said F that and set out to my local pick a part and found a wrecked 2005 xterra. Same platform as the Titan. The engine was gone but I was stunned when I found the high pressure steering line still connected to the rack with the pump side just hanging there. Knowing the way the stock titan line is setup I need to to space out the new line away from the pump to clear the belt. So I sourced a fitting from a 93 Infiniti J30 sedan and this is what I came up with. Since I have the solid front axle and a completely different steering box this was able to work with me.

Here are a few pics of the finished product.

The line was $10 bucks and the fitting off the J30 was $2. The Xterra has the power steering pressure sensor in a different location so I just cut the zip ties and it had no problem reaching the new spot.

$12 > $120+!! Who knows if this hose will leak in 6 months or last a long time but its defiantly better than buying a new one!
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Beast! Good work sir!
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