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My progress with 4 dealers on a 08' CC Pro 4X

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I posted earlier asking the advice if I should purchase a Pro4x if I was just going to jack it up and waste OEM parts or should save money and buying a 08' 4x4 SE... Anyway, I am currently overseas as a contractor in Iraq and have communicated with 4 dealers in my area to get prices :computern (all by their internet sales department, the best way to go in buying a new car!). I will be home in Nov. to purchase this truck if the price is right! I currently own a 05 CC SE 2WD, I will be trading that in to sweet'n the deal. So far I have one dealer already at invoice + what every rebates Nissan has at the time, for a Smoke Pro 4X Short Bed with Leather Rockford Fosgate, Tow Package, Utility Bed Package, All terrain OEM Floor Mats. So I hope to go even lower with the competition from the surrounding dealers. This is going to be special order from that one dealer with no cost to me:lol: I have gotten pretty good at doing this online dealing thing (got an 07' pathfinder SE fully loaded, sticker 33K OTD for 27K with extended warranty, for the wife) and will keep you guys posted on what happens as time get closer to me purchasing this beast. So for people looking to purchase a new Titan I can help you with getting the best price. I have this Titan at MSRP: $40,070 (and then you know the dealer fees and stuff comes to way over that) Then I have the Invoice at: $36,136, I have one dealer going to get back with me on Friday to see if they can do 36K Flat + rebates in Nov. I will let you know how it goes and keep you posted on how thing progess and see what the final damage is!! :bye:
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