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My Titan is almost an Emergency Vehicle

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I am a Volunteer Rescue Squad Assistant Chief in North Carolina... Whoo Hoo for me right? Because I spend my time and money helping others out I get to put lots of shiny lights and a siren on my Titan. I haven't owned this vehicle for very long but I have started upgrades to suit what I do. I had it no more that 24hrs and there was a siren, and then lights. One thing I cant figure out is how to wire my headlight flasher. I need information on the wiring for these, I have wired these flashers time and time again on vehicles that I know well but this is the first non-GM truck I have owned. The biggest question I have is: Are the headlights Positive or Negative Switching? My particular truck is an '07 Ext. LE 4X4. Can Anybody shed some light on this?(No pun intended)
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not to sure about that man but i know someone on here does they will post asap with the answer you need. There is a guy on here with all kinds of wiring diagrams if he reads this thread he will know what to do....

by the way: welcome to TT hope you enjoy the ride:)
When I bought my '04 I was a volunteer with the Kane County (IL) Emergency Management Agency. I had strobes, flashers, a magnetic roof light and speaker/siren/horn all wired up on mine.

I added a couple of switches to the overhead console next to the sunroof switches to toggle the strobes on/off. The radio/siren/horn controller box went into and under the center console with the microphone for the horn/siren/speaker coming out and attaching to the dash.

Only thing we were not allowed to add was flashers in the head/tail lights, but most controllers I have seen make this real easy to do. Galls is you friend even if you don't buy from them, their website has all sorts of wiring diagrams.

Need some pictures. I would take some of mine, but since I resigned last year, I had to remove all the toys.
From the Schematic it would appear that the lights are Positively Switched, thats not a problem I should be able to find a Flasher for them. Does anybody know what color wire is what attached to the lights I have a Blue and a Yellow wire.
Almost forgot, Thanks for the Schematic!
I'll get some pics up as soon as I can, to my dismay I am at work and I cant be with my truck for the next 24hrs.
Maybe I was a little too vague on my last question, the wires coming out of the back of the High Beams are Yellow and the other is Blue does anybody know if the Blue is the Ground?
Hi, Had the same problem when I started, we ended up tapping the positive wire on both the high beams and the fog lamps. we made a multi-flash criss crossing pattern so there is not 2 lights involved, but 4...... The only thing is (if you have fog lights) when left stock the fog lights would only come on via the switch and when the headlights were in low-beam mode. since we basically used the fog lamp switch as the trigger for our Whelen flasher, now the fog lights come on automatically when you apply the high beams. coincidentally if you are in flasher mode, and switch to high beams you kill the flasher until returning to low beam mode. Thats ok with me because I really thought the fog lamps should work when you were in high beam mode anyway. not in low beam mode.....:)
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