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When I bought my '04 I was a volunteer with the Kane County (IL) Emergency Management Agency. I had strobes, flashers, a magnetic roof light and speaker/siren/horn all wired up on mine.

I added a couple of switches to the overhead console next to the sunroof switches to toggle the strobes on/off. The radio/siren/horn controller box went into and under the center console with the microphone for the horn/siren/speaker coming out and attaching to the dash.

Only thing we were not allowed to add was flashers in the head/tail lights, but most controllers I have seen make this real easy to do. Galls is you friend even if you don't buy from them, their website has all sorts of wiring diagrams.

Need some pictures. I would take some of mine, but since I resigned last year, I had to remove all the toys.
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