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My titan project so far

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I recently purchased a 2006 Nissan Titan with some engine problems. I went into this purchase knowing i would need to most likely replace the engine. I wanted to share some of my progress so far and hopefully help anyone that is thinking of pulling their 5.6 The previous owner never took the truck off roading, and there isnt a single patch of rust on the underside of this truck.

It took me about 16 hours to remove the engine. I did not need to drop the axle, or pull the transmission at the same time. I did have to remove the exhaust manifolds to get motor to clear firewall. I am just a weekend mechanic, so I am sure some of you guys could do it quicker. I probably could do this in about half the time knowing what I now know. If you are thinking about pulling your motor anytime soon, just send me a message and ill give you some tips.

When I finally did get the motor out and inspected the cams, it was confirmed that the intake cam on the drivers side broke in half. How this happened, I cant be exactly sure. The broken cam did mangle the cam journal rendering the head unusable. I am now currently looking into buying a rebuilt 5.6 with 0 miles on it, or purchasing a very low mile engine with all components, any link or advice on the purchase is greatly appreciated.

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I'll bet there was a problem with the oil flow to the cam journal causing it to seize....been there with another motor. So if you are just replacing the head consider there may be a wider oil problem like oil pump or blockage internal to the block.
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