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My Titan....

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Well I have basically had enough of my Avalanche the plastic cladding is really too much for me to deal with.

The truck over all is great but the care that the plastic requires inorder to keep it looking good is more than what I want to give.

So when my lease is up... it will be Titan .

So here is what I have priced so far... off of NISSANUSA.COM


with the offroad package, bed utility package, captain chairs, rockford radio package, sand/cement interior with the Silver exterior(but I think this might change to the darker interior with white exterior, because I really hate to see stains on the interior)

As far as pricing I was amazed at how competitive Nissan is being with their truck. Starting at 26k and the LE at 31K.

Well I am counting the months left of my lease and figuring when I should order my Titan:D
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I agree, the MSRP of the Titan is competitive with the big 3. One thing I've noticed though, the big 3 have advertised specials and rebates. A dealer in my area is offering a Ram Hemi 1500 4x4 for under $27k. This is pretty good, but the drawback is, you have to have a Dodge.

That's not really a factor for me, though. I'll stick with the Titan even if I have to spend a couple thousand more. I've driven all the full sized trucks and they just don't compare.
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