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My Truck Came With a Bullseye On It

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So I'm at Lowes and as I'm pulling out of the parking lot a shopping cart comes out of nowhere and hits the side of the truck. I jump out of the truck and grab the cart before it hits another car. Now I have a chance to look around and there's 3 employees just standing there. One of them walks up and starts talking to me. At this point I've hit the roof. I ask what they are going to do for me as I now have a big dent in the side of the truck. He gets flippant and seems amused tells me that it's not their problem. Now I understand that they can't pay for cart damage, and if they started it would never stop. But I tell him that with three guys standing within 20 ft of me on a windy day and not one of them made a move to help is absolute crap. They could have probably stopped the cart before it hit my truck and they know damb well that a loose cart on a windy day is going to cause damage, and these guys are just standing there and let it happen. This was their fault and happened because of they were standing around not doing their job.

I swear this truck has a bullseye on it I's been backed up into, sideswiped in a parking lot, theres a huge ding on the tailgate that I have no idea where it came from.

Some days I really want to kill people
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sad to hear but I was at lowes today picking up a dryer outlet and I nailed the metal pole in the middle of the cart holding bin :( when I was parking...

Its such a small ding that it really pisses me off ! Im tempted to buy a whole new metal bumper and sell the old one since its perfect other then that 1 penny size ding in it !!!!
Dude I know it sucks when crap like that happens but it could be worse. 6 days after buying my last truck (2001 Tacoma) a lady ran a red light and smashed into my back end. $6800 of repairs plus frame damage. You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Take it to a body shop, they'll pop the dent out and fix the scratches/paint for not too much $$ at all.
A few years back my wife was driving my truck in the Albertsons park and she got nailed by a cart. The only witnesses were 2 of our friends that were in their car. She raised enough hell that they eventually payed to fix the dent and the paint. Stay on their butts. Just maybe they will help ya out. Or atleast ask them to go 50/50 on it.
I've heard of people using a "dent king" It is a little tool with a suction cup that pops out small dings. I dont have one but I wonder if anyone does?
my truck got hit by a cart the other day. I'll never drive to work again.
FYI parking at the far point of a lot is about 95% assured you wont be hit by a cart.

All parking lots are sloped from farthest point centerlined-outward for drainage purposes.

a lil nugget for all ya to chew on ;)
I'm thinking I'll try one of those suction cup tools, I washed the truck today and hit the spot a buffer and there's no really visible scratches, good thing it was a plastic cart. I'm thinking positive maybe this is a good excuse to do fender flairs.

My new dream is to get the truck set up for an Alaska trip ... How cool would TT Alaska Expedition be...
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