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Good morning all. I live in upstate NY and have a 2010 Titan SE 4x4. Last winter I started having issues with heat and no heat. Had a complete system flush and new thermostat installed with no real luck especially in defrost mode. I can get the heat upto about 120*F from the vents while in recirculating mode but when switching to defrost mode to melt the windshield I can't get temp over 100*F. Makes it very annoying when your windshield and wipers are constantly iced. Dealer thinks I need a new heater box to the cost of up to almost $2000. I have read posts about the water valve and actuators but seeing how I'am getting some heat I'm at a loss and not looking to spend $2000 for a crappy design problem? Any thoughts or help would be awesome as its that time of year again in upstate New York.


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