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Nav disk

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does anyone have a nav disk that i could try and put in my player to trouble shoot a disk error problem that iam having. I live in bellingham, but would travel to for the use of the your disk to see if its the problem is the disk, that i have to replace. I have a 2004 titan.
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I had to have my player replaced about two years ago for a TSB that sounds like what you might be talking about. The disk is nothing but a storage device and unless you scratched the heck out of it, it will not be the issue.

What type of problem are you having?
Replacement unit was done under warranty so I don't know the cost. It does sound exactly like what I and others described about 2 years ago however. Tell teh dealership to look up the past TSBs and see what they can do for you. You are lucky yours lasted as long as it did.
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