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Howdy all,

What extra info does the Nav display when just driving around? I assume it shows radio info but I'm not sure. I haven't seen many pics of the unit in operation.

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You can choose between showing the radio/CD information or the climate control information.

If you are asking about the actual display of the roads, you can get all sorts of additional details depending on what selections you want. Basic ones such as locations of the nearest ATMs, Restaurants, Hospitals, Hotels also are able to be displayed.

If you are talking about the vehicle electronics or the trip information, you can shoose between 2 seperate trip computers, oil change and tire roation intervals, tire pressure readouts, etc.
SlipperyPete said:

Just curious, what climate control information is displayed on the navigation system?
It shows the mode you are in and the speed setting (ie. Floor and face blowers and 3 bars to show you that it is turned up to number 3 on the dial) centered in the bottom. If the AC is on, it also shows an "AC".

I know that on the Armada which has seperate climate controls for the driver and passenger, you get that on both corners automatically. Not sure what it shows in the middle.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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