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Nav not calculating best routes

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I have a 2011 with the DVD based Nav with the latest disc and I know that the nav on these trucks kind of sucks, but I'm looking for any tips on what I can do to get a bit better routing from it. I recently drove from Greenville, SC to Augusta, GA, and the dumb thing wanted me to follow interstates and major highways to Columbia before heading west to Augusta. Google Maps and my Garmin, both, calculated routes that didn't include any residential streets that were over an hour shorter.

I've tried adjusting the priority from quickest time to shortest distance, but it doesn't seem to matter as it flat-out refuses to include any routes that have a road with "insufficient map data" on them. Anyone know of a way to get it to use those roads? I mean, it knows about them and will update the routing if I actually go that way, but it just doesn't want to use them. I'm sure they're not as big of a problem in bigger cities, but around here, they are everywhere.
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DVD based navigation will always suck. Use your phone.
The Nissan navigation is map based only. It has a data source that does not communicate with anything.

The phone apps look at traffic and route you around traffic jams and stuff. It is more "real time"

Also, the Nissan DVD was probably developed a while before the issue date. Google maps is updated constantly.

I thought about getting a map update for my Titan, but Google maps is much better. The navigation screen is a great phone rest area for setting the phone sideways on navigation mode!
It's not an issue with real-time data as my Garmin doesn't have that information, either, and calculates much better routes. I agree that the Nissan Nav system just kind of sucks. I was just hoping someone had some suggestions on how to make it suck a bit less. My phone sucks when I make an errant turn when there's no signal - something that's not too uncommon near the mountains.

When I end up on one of those roads that it knows about, but doesn't want to use, it'll tell me that there's insufficient data and that I should obey street signs. I really think it's something to do with it trying to say street names and would be happy with it just telling me to turn left or right without naming the street, but that doesn't appear to be a setting.

I can live with the alternatives; it's not that big of a deal. I was just hoping someone knew of a way to get the thing to perform in a marginally acceptable way rather than just giving laughable directions like it's doing now.
DVD based navigation will always suck. Use your phone.
And that still will not necessarily give you the best route. Only way to get the best route is a map and plan it yourself.

I love GPS navigation, but use it as a suggestion and for up coming road names, never have used it as the best way to get anywhere. My wife and kids laugh at me because I'm always arguing with it because I never want to turn or go where it wants me to. :big_grin:
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