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Ok, I spent about an hour making these 3D vechicle icons for the Navigon CPS I got for Christmas.

The Car_3d.png image sucks because I can't find a picture of good angle I need and the quality is low as a 52x52 icon loses a lot of detail. Better than nothing I guess. I may redo the cab because it make the bed look too long - a problem with the original image.

Anyway, these images may work for other GPS units (Garmin?). Also, these are the best looking Titan icons available (actually, there may not be any others - at least that I found).

For the Navigon, replace the Car_xxx.png files in the appropriate \MN6\Settings\Data directories.

For more information or other GPS units, I found to hold a bunch of cool information.

Anyway, the 3d icons are at
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