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Need a picture of OEM Brush Guard top brackets (body shop is screwing me)

Short version: Lady hit me, damaged bumper, fender and brush guard, took to body shop, did ****ty job fixing truck….Now I need a picture of the top bracket that holds the brush guard, the bracket that goes above the top of the bumper and under the front grill.

Long version: They only installed the bottom brackets (by tow hooks) and left the top brackets off (top of bumper). 1st the guy told me they didn’t come with the kit so the top brackets must not exist (they bought a new kit and threw the old one out! is what I was told), then he told me he talked to the dealer and that dillweed behind the counter has never head of the top brackets?!?!? ….. Lucky I had a picture that showed the top brackets but it only showed a small part of it. Then the body shop manager told me well this is a newer model (it looks exactly like my old one) and it probably doesn’t need the top brackets, and it “feels” real strong…..

I was getting pretty pissed by this point and I think the guy finally realized I’m not going to let this go. He said he would “find” the top brackets. But what really pisses me off is he made it sound like he was going on this quest to find the elusive top brackets (that might not even exits). I would realy like a nice clear picture of the top brackets to show him personally.

They also didn’t align the headlight, or grill worth a ****. O-Yea they cracked my front windshield somehow. I get in my truck and see this huge crack running across the glass, That really set me off. (it was hard to see from the outside). I asked the guy, Why would you give me my truck back with this huge crack in the windshield? Did you think I wouldn’t see it???? The body shop manager didn’t have much to say to me by then and just said they will fix that also….

Ok here the brush guard I have:

I hope the link works and thanks in advanced...
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