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Need a towing set-up...learn me some stuff

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Aight TT, my 2005 came hitch assembly. I don't tow often, but it's one of those gotta-have truck accessories. What hitch do yas recommend?
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FYI: I just remembered that my '04 had a Valley hitch
I bought the OEM hitch from Jamie through TT. I think it was like 200 shipped.

Just make sure you get the relays.
I recommend getting the factory hitch or equivalent Class IV hitch. The truck is all ready wired for the 7 pin connection and I would stay with that, never know when you will pull something with brakes. You need need to get the relays for the 7 Pin connection, probably from the dealer. Uhaul has good hitches and can do the install, their hitches used to come with a Lifetime warranty on parts and install.

Of course you can upgrade the mirrors and battery too.

That's pretty much it.
Why not just go with the OEM hitch and relays? It's not that expensive. You know it'll hold up. It's a direct bolt-on part. Makes the most sense to me. :dunno:
Sweet, great advice all. So, if needed, a weight-distributing hitch would work with the OEM Class IV?
matthews said:
Sweet, great advice all. So, if needed, a weight-distributing hitch would work with the OEM Class IV?
Yes it will.
The OEM hitch is very well made, get it like others said.
OEM. Looks the best also imho.
Call Jamie, I think hes with Courtesy Nissan (site vendor) he can hook you up with the hitch and the relays you need.

Bolts right up flawlessly, takes maybe 15 min if you do it alone (it's kinda heavy)
I went to my local dealer and I purchased my hitch form them for 209 OTD. The relays came with my purchase.
My father owns an RV dealership and service center and the majority of hitches he sells and installs are Reese. Best setup is installed at the factory, but you can find a good RV service center to hook you up as well. Look online for any harnesses you might need. My dad happened to have a brake control harness on the shelf that was 75% less than what the dealer charged. Of course it was 100% less for me! Anyhow, Tekonsha is the brand you should look for. I see alot of U-Haul hitches hanging out from under trucks but I have no idea how well they install them and any other necessary components. For all I know, Reese likely makes the hitches they install. Good luck!
Go over the river and talk to the guys at Dandy Products. They can advise you on what you need. I assume I have the OEM hitch as it came with the towing package when I bought the truck. I have pulled heavy old cars, construction equipment, and everything else as far as Atlanta, GA, Odessa, TX, and Missouri with no problems at all.
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